Planning permissions and U.K. Building Regulations

East London Lofts will turn your expansion ideas into reality.

Our loft conversion experts provide start-to-finish care and will guide you through the entire conversion process – from the initial survey and your ideas to designs, plans and approvals to the professional loft conversion itself.

If local planning controls require the submission of applications, e.g. for dormers, our specialists will progress with all necessary planning permissions and Building Regulations approvals.All conversions are required to meet U.K. Building Regulations approval.

For further details please see the ‘Building Regulations’ explanatory booklet, provided by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Planning permission and Building Regulations approval are two separate processes, however, and the former is unnecessary for most simple loft conversions. Still, both require review by your Local Authority before building work can start.

When is planning permission required for loft conversions?

First, East London Lofts will consider whether your loft conversion requires planning permission.

This is typically the case if:
  • You wish to raise the ridge of the roof.
  • You intend to change the shape of the roof at the front of the house (or at the side if you have a corner house). This includes adding dormer windows.
  • Your property has already been extended, using up your permitted development rights.
  • Your property is listed or is in a conservation area.
  • Your property is a flat or maisonette.